At Azzopardi Jewellers, we synergise between internal collaborators and external professionals, this is what guarantees the constant relationship between creativity and technology. Our ethical sense is understood as an inner process that leads to feeling behaviour not because it is imposed by a law, but because our intelligence leads us to understand that this is the best choice for ourselves and for the community in which we live in.

Our workmanship preserve the culture of quality. The passion for light is the basis of every idea, and we constantly search for new creative stimuli for our work. We produce innovative appliances characterised by a strong artisan matrix giving a personal identity to the environment within which it is applied.

  • Client

    Azzopardi Jewellers

  • Skills

    • Designer: Michael Azzopardi
    • Lighting Design: Glow Projects
    • Lighting Supply: Glow Projects
    • Photographer: Nicky Scicluna