We’ve been busy at Glow, we’re about to launch not 1 but 2 brand new brands of switches which will be available exclusively from our Studio.

Both are of high quality and good design; however, one is more traditional and produces switches in almost any type of metal available and even in standard materials, using traditional styles and controls and specialising in Bespoke Switch Layouts this is:

Wandsworth Electrical

Wandsworth is the oldest electrical company in Europe established in 1904, withstanding the test of time is both a reflection of their superior quality, longevity and effectiveness to adapt to changing styles and technologies. They have the quality and style to enhance any project.

In house ‘Training’ for our staff

To offer a better service

Choose Your ‘Style’ of light switch

With a selection of switches to suit any interior finish, Wandsworth switches are available in 9 different collections some of which have substyles.

One may also choose the type of switch command to use, be it, rocker, toggle or rotary.

Classic Round Edged
Penthouse Screwless

Choose the material and colour you want to work with

although not all the styles come in the same material colours so it’s important to check

Polished Copper
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 11


‘Choose the toggle and finish in which you want it to be made’


Wandsworth can bespoke almost any configuration of switch required. So, for example one can combine all the switches in the head board behind a bed into 1 Row, including a double power socket, USB Ports, 2 Light Switches, 1 Fan Switch, or anything else required and the other side can be a mirror image. They can also make vertical or box shaped switches. All come with drawings for approval by the company and the client. Custom back boxes are also provided in metal for every custom faceplate.


Using the same style switch throughout the project


They are also available in over 36 different materials and finishes, can be ordered to any RAL colour, they also have customisable switches which can be painted over and Crystal switches which are see through and ideal for wallpaper applications.

For further information about using Wandsworth in your project please feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email at [email protected] and arrange an appointment so one of our trained personal can show you the sample range and assist you in finding the right style and material for your project.

Also feel free to use the website and contact us for assistance if necessary.