The Model Shop | St Paul’s Bay

We are pleased to publish one of our latest projects, designed and supplied on time by Glow Projects.


Here we used a cost-effective solution recessed light with a CRI (Colour rendering index of 90+) and an adequate colour temperature. The fittings are high power for LED’s that of 30 watts each, including the driver power, the driver is Tidonic and the LED chips are Cree, both top quality and served by a 2 and 5-year warranty respectively. The shop display items have an average LUX reading of around 1,200 lux which is high and what is recommended for this type of retail application.


Glow carried out the lighting design using our vast experience in lighting retail outlets, Dialux software to double-check our ideas and to produce visuals, and finally AutoCad lighting layouts so that the fittings can be installed as designed.


We also used some LED liners to illuminate the lower parts of the shop where we did not have enough ceiling height to accommodate recessed lights, this section was also very well illuminated.


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