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Positively opinionated. Don’t believe in blending in. Always leading the discussion. Modular Lighting Instruments has been making high quality architectural lighting with attitude since 1980.


Architectural lighting is about finding the right balance. Between the aesthetic appeal of a space and the function and quality of the light. In other words, creating architectural beauty but also making sure that it serves our needs.

So that we can function at our best in a specific environment.


Sold exclusively by Glow Lighting Studio.

SLD50 High

Want to express the perfect combination of design and power? Try SLD50 High, our latest in this profile family, and add even more visual comfort in home or work environments!



Placebo is a paradigm of playful choices of upward and downward light. You will quickly discover more options. Two shapes, sizes, a variety of colours. All playful instruments designed for you, to turn your creative vision into lovely rhythms of pure forms and light.

Como Corner


A vibrant desire to have beautiful, indirect lighting in a challenging space, is what brought Como Corner to life. A new linear lighting family that can fit everywhere, discreetly, and whose ambient light will nicely accentuate vertical or horizontal lines in a space.

Qbini Surface Box

Miniature, modern simplicity for intimate spaces

With Qbini, it’s a matter of setting limits. There’s no end to what you can accomplish with this family of playful cubes. The new surface box makes your decisions even more difficult!



1984. Modupoint enters the market. Instantly revolutionary, it was the first system with interchangeable components to fit smaller cut-out holes (Ø 40) and feature an elegant, refined design. 2020. The same benefits that made it popular then, plus the latest technology of today, now flow into a brand new Modupoint LED. Play with new building blocks and compose without end.

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