Sun by day, Moon by night


Shellby for general lighting and Shellby for creating mood. A clash of functions, yet the exceptional coexistence of purpose. Sun or moon? Definitely both. Powerful from above, it indisputably lights and energizes daily activities. Softer and a little to the side, it exudes calm and warmth. Shellby’s playful and asymmetrical design, plus a choice of rich colours with new click-in skins, invite you to experiment with aesthetic and light effects to charm the entire room.

Sold exclusively by Glow Lighting Studio.

Non-directional, asymmetrical, deep-recessed round recessed luminaire with LED technology. The luminaire features a floating glass sphere in an asymmetrical aluminium housing for a diffuse and consistent light effect. The luminaire guarantees an IP55 certified level of protection. 


Available in 2 versions: with trim (outer diameter 184mm) and trimless (outer diameter 176mm).


The units can be combined with different installation accessories that help to obtain the perfect finish

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