Pista suspended includes the option of having light on the top side of its track rail.‎ Try accent and general light upwards, down or both, general light with general light, or accents all over.‎ All of Pista’s exciting family can be used to create endless possibilities.‎ A plus with Médard spot: click it in the upward track and make it shine downwards, thanks to its flexibility.‎

As a bigger, more present version, Pista up/down gives designers ample options to try it out in larger spaces.‎ Pista’s uplight brings a twofold benefit.‎ It adds space by adding light by day.‎ On its own at night, it creates a cosy and safe feeling.‎

Available in black or white

The next big thing in miniaturization.‎ PISTA is the ultimate in modern aesthetics that introduces thinner slimmer magnetic track rails, ever smaller light fixtures and ultra-thin cables.‎ But PISTA isn’t just about miniaturization, it’s also about personalization.‎ Creating unique configurations.‎ The designer can play with different modules on single or multiple track rails in different lengths and colours.‎

The geometrical possibilities really are endless.‎ Even after installation the magnetic track rails mean you can change the lighting configuration.‎ Two LED linear modules, two entirely different effects.‎ The first, beautifully functional with powerful lumen packages (1000 lm/m).‎ The second, Night Light is pure design, for more ambient and intimate lighting.‎

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