Trypta | visual and acoustic comfort


Stephen Burks is the designer of the innovative Trypta system of suspension lamps, the latest development from Luceplan to improve acoustic and luminous comfort for spaces and their inhabitants.


It offers a combination of acoustic features and lighting performance in various dimensions and colors.


“Trypta is an essential reference to planning efficiently by 120 degrees. Its central column serves as an illuminating axis around which three tactile fabric planes create a welcoming environment by defining space both graphically and acoustically.
With its innovative geometric appeal, Trypta was designed to bring life to any room, create a sculptural dialog with its surroundings and timelessly contribute to a bright yet calming future.”

Project Key Words


The structure is composed of three equidistant panels arranged along the axis of a cylindrical body: the central cylinder, available in two lengths, features lengthwise grooves for the radial insertion of the three acoustic panels, each at an angle of 120°.

The composition creates a pleasant symmetry while offering excellent sound-absorbing performance.

The vertical panels cut down on reverberation that can be generated inside a room, improving the clarity of speech and reducing the level of sound pressure.


Its decorative character is underscored by the panels clad in flame-retardant knit fabric, giving Trypta a unique personality. It is possible to create multiple combinations, juxtaposing panels with different fabrics and colors, varying their size and arrangement.


Trypta adapts perfectly to any space thanks to two separately activated light sources connected to the extremities of a central column, to provide both direct and indirect lighting.


The dim-to-warm technology permits creation of multiple lighting scenarios, generating brighter or softer atmospheres

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