Direct light, mystic glow


For designer James van Vossel, it was time to rethink pure, simple forms. That’s when the tube came in. And out. His creation, Hollow, reignites the excitement and mystery surrounding this classical shape. How does it work? Where’s the light coming from? Lit or dark, open or closed. A symphony of opposites, Hollow is the luminaire that works with you. Adjustable and versatile. For spaces that welcome intrigue and personality. It’s the light companion you were waiting for.

A deeper look at Hollow

Present, not present

Hollow expresses itself as you interact with it. It’s playful and loves a good mystery. One design, invisible and visible. In one way, its integration makes it hide, being one with the environment, showing nothing but glowing cavities. In its other positions, Hollow complements ceilings or walls, a slight extension of the surface, casting light in an ocean of space. Hollow is a surprise and won’t be revealed until you touch.

Design that pops

Rediscover light with Hollow’s marvellous, unusual adjustability. Hollow’s smooth rotation system slides open to let you choose a 90º, 60º or 45º angle, or anything else in between. A powerful beam comes out one end, and a glow can be seen from the back side, reflecting off the inner curve of the cup. When completely horizontal, Hollow offers a discreet, ambient light emanating from each end of the tube. Designers can play with different light effects to change the ambience.

Colours to caress

Experiment with colours and use the inner cup’s glow as an additional light source. Moods and styles will come your way. A white cup will give off a decisive indirect light effect, while visually blending in completely with the ceiling or the wall, either with trim or in a trimless version. A black cup will express a stronger, contrasting presence on a surface, but its indirect light will be softer. Or with a gold cup, Hollow will become a cosy mood maker, for a warm atmosphere that shines.

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