DARK-Reflector – The next generation of reflectors combines design with an enhanced colour rendering index for an ideal shopping experience.

The DARK-Reflector is finished with a special coating, developed by Molto Luce, which in combination with micro-facets of the reflector ensures perfect glare control.


In addition, this special coating increases the color rendering index (CRI) by 4% and the red component in the light by approximately 10% compared to a standard aluminum reflector.


The advantage of an increased CRI is that the goods are rendered true to colour.


An increase of the amount of red in the light makes brown tones look more vivid. This is particularly important for products made of wood or leather for example.

In combination with the resulting perfect glare control and the unique cold and warm appearance, the DARK-Reflector is the perfect lighting solution for shops that offer leather items, handbags or jewellery.


The DARK-Reflector with its specific light is a perfect solution in the architectural field in order to create an optimal atmosphere for example in restaurants or bars. Although the dark coating absorbs around 35% of the light, this is exactly what is needed in order to create the perfect mood.

Another innovation of the DARK-Reflector is that with the special, dark coating the luminaries cannot be seen, and it is difficult to perceive where the light comes from.

The reflector almost seems alike, no matter if it is switched on or off. The real difference can only be detected by looking directly into the light source.

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