Aug 2020

Belt ~ by Flos

Belt by Flos

Technical lighting line covered in a fine leather cover sewn to measure that integrates all elements of the composition. The innovative connection system has been developed to achieve a sinuous line without apparent interruptions.


Product Belt

Designer Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Belt is pure flexibility, a sinuous line whose nature is in balance between the softness of leather and the rigidity of aluminum.


Each element of the product is controlled by leather straps. Some of them support the weight of the device, some carry electricity and some contain light. The initial section of each composition descends from the ceiling or rises from the wall, or even from the floor, and then hangs thanks to dedicated straps.

Different Finishes

Leather is the heart of the project. A soft and warm material that guarantees freedom in the space but, at the same time, is characterized by certain rigidity. The result is a harmonious final composition. Belt is covered in fine leather, treated with natural dyes to obtain the three finishes available in the range: black, green and natural leather.

As for fastening a belt, the installation of the straps used to hang the lighting profile is done by sliding the leather straps through dedicated metal buckles that act as ceiling hooks. Each strap can be adjusted to respect the configuration of the environment.



The special micro-connector integrated in the terminal of the lighting profile allows
the electrical connection to be made with a simple click. The connection element is hidden inside the leather strap that acts as a suspension to support the composition.


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