Modularity for culinary & pleasure

Multifunctional is the trendy term for describing spaces nowadays. Dedicated areas in homes are a thing of the past, as people are more mobile and expecting than ever. Our habits, needs and likes undergo constant transformation and we’re everywhere.


The trending convergence of usage for spaces also leads to new demands for adaptive lighting. In particular when talking about open spaces and lighting them. In the residential sphere, boundaries that surround both kitchen and living room zones are becoming nebulous and designated functions for spaces are multiplying. Kitchens are open for cooking, socializing, even working, and are seamlessly extending into living spaces. Rooms to relax and socialize now allow even a little bit of occasional work to take place. But a challenge for some is a playground for others. This is where the art of lighting comes into play: curating a selection of luminaires to create layers of light and a uniform narrative between multiple spaces.



Pista in the open

The perfect balance between general and accent lighting, the possibility of adjusting colour temperature and intensity for desired moods and specific functions, magnetic modules that can be moved around according to changing requirements. Modular L.I.’s Pista 48V track system offers the best of all worlds and throws in a generous amount of style.


Bridge the gap between two spaces with one storyline. Or should we say track line? Pista can be customized with thin lines of powerful LED light or with its LED Night light, black accent by day and creating ambience at night. These can further be coupled with an extensive variety of miniaturized spot designs such as Minude, Smart, Médard or Marbulito. Pista’s magnetic technology allows you to position them in different places and combine them with other modules. Add more of Pista’s latests to your story with trails of new linear LED spots, or linear flaps to reduce glare even more. Play with warm anodised colours in the kitchen and bring them into the living room, to complete a congruent look that will speak volumes.



Connect spaces with Pista’s connections

Pista’s modularity means that designers can position several tracks together and create continuous paths along ceilings and walls. Its 180°, 90° and flexible connections and twin brackets, enable it to follow you from space to space, and around the corner. As Pista offers surface-mounted, recessed and suspended applications, designers will be delighted to marry function and light with one consistent design. Experiment by creating an ensemble of square or rectangular shapes hovering at different levels, or with a steady line of Pista that travels from one space to another.


Adjust intensity of light according to the intensity of activity. Set the right colour temperature to create the right moment. Slender general light above the chef, slightly dramatic accent light suspended above the friend gourmand. A few steps carry our socialisers towards the living room, joining pendant squares of warm light and a mellow mood. Bring light into lives, as part of the conversation.

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