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Glow is a lighting supply studio specialising in architectural lighting design. The Glow team is led by Matthew Grech, an architect who has a decade of experience under his belt in lighting supply and design. We have the expertise and experience to manage or assist in the lighting design aspect of any project.


We take pride in offering a tailor made service, stepping in to help with delivering a well-designed and energy efficient lighting plan on any project we are involved in. We often work alongside Malta’s leading architects and designers, building professionals, as well as, end users.


Our project portfolio covers various sectors, our forte being high specification offices and residences, as well as, retail spaces and showrooms. We have serviced many of the market leaders such as Catena Media, GIG, Casumo, Toyota, The Body Shop and Form, to name a few.


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What we do

``a designer cannot claim to have truly designed something until they also know how it will be made``


Glow offers a consultation service for all types of lighting projects. We are able to apply our experience and expertise to help you identify the right kind of lighting for your application.

Our services include:

> Recommending the most suitable type of luminaire for your project based on the required use and area.
> Consulting on appropriate lux levels in any given space or work plane.
> Compiling specifications for lighting designs to be issued as tenders.
> Compiling luminaire specifications for tenders.

Light Design

Glow offers a complete lighting design service which is tailored to meet the requirements of each project. Clients can choose to avail themselves of all, or part of, our offered services which include:

> Establishing the lighting concept of a project.
> Meeting with the client/architect/designer to understand the initial brief and consequently, make any necessary revisions.
> Lighting layouts – these range from a basic indicative plan to a detailed plan which can be used for installation purposes.
> Lighting Calculations – using software specially developed for the lighting industry, we are able to draw up a 3D plan of your project and issue a detailed, technical report on lighting levels, as well as, a visual representation of the final results.
> Site visits – on larger projects, we offer on-site consultations as well as, on-site support during installation.


At Glow, we are proud to have secured and maintained fruitful partnership agreements with some of the best lighting brands across the globe. We offer a wide range of luminaires to meet any of our clients’ requirements. We take pride in supplying our light fittings within the required time frame and delivering them on-site in an organised manner. We know how hectic the final phases of a project can be, therefore we take care to pack our goods mindfully, keeping the installer in mind and helping to make the final phases of a project as smooth as possible.


Upgrading to LED need not entail going through a major refurbishment or expense. Through our experience, Glow can offer valuable advice on how best to upgrade your lighting to LED with the least of disturbance. In fact, retrofitting has become somewhat of a speciality to us. We have upgraded many retail outlets to LED without them having to close their doors for even a day. We plan and implement the change with your business’ well-being in mind. We have successfully retrofitted The Body Shop outlets, Toyota Showroom and the Model Shop outlets, to name a few.


Glow offers a professional lighting installation service. We are able to handle both large scale and intricate installations including RGB colour changing lights and intelligent lighting within a required time-frame.

Our offered services are as follows:

> Installation of light fittings.
> Full installation of lighting system, including RGB colour changing lights and intelligent lighting.

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If you have any questions about our products, or would like to learn more about the lighting design services and assistance we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us!