LUZ NEGRA is specialised in the manufacturing of aluminium profiles and LED products for lighting and signage since 1987. The company has a factory in Barcelona (Luz Negra – Exinvall), in Madrid (Luz Negra Centre) and in Paris (Luz Negra France), in total a floor space of 5000m2.

Luz Negra is made up of a team of 47 professionals whose main concern is customer satisfaction. We also have 8 external distributors covering our signage systems and 12 commercial agents dealing with our LED lighting systems.

At Luz Negra we design high quality aluminium profiles for LED lighting and have our own brand name for LED products “ecoLED®” which are manufactured with first rate quality components of worldwide recognition, like the USA brand, CREE and the German VOSSLOH, along with SAMSUNG etc. Taking great care and detail in our finishes is our strong point and we offer an extensive catalogue of accessories so that your imagination knows no limits!.