Modular Lighting Instruments has been rewriting the rules for architectural lighting since 1980. It’s in our DNA. We are renowned for innovative technology. Our outspoken bold and quirky designs. Our gutsy, creative and some might say “eccentric” campaigns. We don’t think like any other lighting company. We don’t act like any other lighting company.


Many of our prize-winning designs have become icons in the industry. We are always pushing forwards. How can a light fixture be better? Smarter? More beautiful? We are restless. Curious. And never ever satisfied.


The Modular way


Modularity is about creating one design that has multiple applications. Extending product families beyond what seems possible. Assisting, stimulating and inspiring interior designers and architects, with almost limitless options. Our fixtures and linear lighting strengthen the architecture of residential homes, hospitality venues, shops and offices.


The world is Modular


Headquartered in Roeselare, Belgium. Our international showrooms, sales organization and vast network of partners make us truly global.


At Glow Lighting Studio, we are the exclusive supplier of Super Modular lighting products in Malta. Click here to contact us.

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